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A Method To His Madness

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Looking back at Tom Warren’s achievement at the 1979 “Iron Man," it’s hard to argue his recent induction into the USAT Hall of Fame. I was taken myself once again at the level of admiration for Warren that I heard in the words of Sport Illustrated writer Barry McDermott, when I interviewed him for my book Iron Will -- a full 10 years after the race. Surely, it was McDermott’s prose and Warren’s singular approach to victory on that hellish day that launched a sport.  Triathlon would probably still have happened, sure, but the runway would have been longer, the takeoff more arduous, and certainly less colorful. It’s a story that, for a lot of us, never gets old. What follows is  Chapter 5 of my book Iron Will, as it originally appeared in 1985. -- MP